Counterfeit Alert

There have been reports that unauthorised persons/companies are selling fake CAIRO GLITZ fixtures. We never sell our products out of China, Taiwan or Pakistan. Make sure the products you are buying are genuine CAIRO GLITZ products otherwise you are getting scammed. Fake CAIRO GLITZ lights will not look remotely close to genuine ones and will break apart within days. 

Our products have secret markings/ and patterns that tell whether or not they are genuine CAIRO GLITZ or counterfeit, these markings are also present on our packaging/accessories.

We recommend buying directly from us here through our showrooms. If you are unsure if a dealer is our authorised reseller please email us and we will notify you ASAP.

CAIRO GLITZ are actively looking into those producing and distributing counterfeit CAIRO GLITZ products. All person's or companies producing or selling counterfeit CAIRO GLITZ products will be held accountable and prosecuted to the fullest extent of law.